Centre For Excellence in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry PC offers a full array of periodontal services and other soft tissue procedures. Dr Albani uses the most up-to-date implant systems that are utilized world wide. All materials used for grafting purposes are FDA approved and have been used by specialist for over 30 years. Their long term track record of clinical success has been documented for many used in the periodontal literature. Their safety and efficacy is proven.

Dr Albani works closely with other dental specialists, specifically orthodontists, prosthodontists and endodontists. The ability to communicate with other specialists makes treatment run predictably and expeditiously. Today more than ever, esthetics is an important concern for all patients and communication between specialists and general dentists is critical.

Our office has eliminated chemical processing of dental xrays by using digital dental xray technology. This technique eliminates ALL chemicals in our office for developing dental xrays. The CAT SCAN CONE BEAM unit will digitally produce the patients scan. This allows the ability to send a patients study or dental radiographs to another dentist via internet (HIPAA).